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Social Proof Podcast

Mar 24, 2019

David Shands sits down with DaleLynn on her journey of losing over 145lbs after the death of her sister. DaleLynn is a wife, mother of 4 beautiful children and experiencing national success with her inspirational story. Even with all the great things that are going on in her life, she is very open about her struggles...

Mar 13, 2019

David Shands sits down with Tommy Holt Jr. as he explains holt to make money in Real Estate without certification or investment. Follow Tommy on Instagram and enroll in his Whole Sale RealEstate Course TODAY from only $47


Tommy Holt Jr.'s...

Mar 2, 2019

David Shands sits down with Jason Lobdell (@mr2weeksout) who has built a multi-million dollar online training program called RI28 with his partner Gee Bryant.